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Atif Khan

Atif Khan (he/him/they/them) is an emerging community artist exploring text, writing, image and curatorial practice. My research driven practice intersects themes of war, surveillance and visual studies. Khan’s work questions how the word ‘violence’ is assembled and given power in the material world by connecting place, objects, language, words, meaning and a specific set of archives. His broader independent research investigates the use of militarized drones across the United States, Somalia, Afghanistan & Pakistan.

"My residency returns to a core part of my art work and life work: political education 101. I will focus my attention on building collective understandings on the basics of what surveillance is, why it matters and what communities can do in the face of it."

Atif Khan is the 2020 Corner Commons Artist-in-Residence from August 16th to August 29th. With the theme of transition in mind, Khan will be exploring and reflecting on the topic of surveillance through a series of online workshops and an onsite art installation.

Stay connected with Atif through social media and look out for his upcoming Anti-Surveillance Guide. You can also watch Atif's  workshops and take a look at his installation below:
Onsite Installation
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