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Corner Commons will involve enhancing a suburban parking lot in the Jane-Finch community through new seating, plantings, community art, and flexible spaces for neighbourhood programming.

Design Ideas

Throughout the engagement process, we got feedback regarding the design of the site to ensure that it was an inviting and comfortable public space for people to use whenever they would like, and that it could accommodate various programs and services


We showed images of public space projects within the city and globally through our public engagement activities. From here, people were able to identify spaces and design elements that had the look or feel that they want at Corner Commons. These public spaces had design elements like ample moveable and built seating, shade, greenery and vibrant colours that feel welcoming and lively, and other elements like a stage and shipping containers that offered private and sheltered space that could accommodate a wide variety of community oriented activity.


The information kiosk is a feature that is used for community engagement. It  provides space for grassroots groups and local organizations do outreach, share information, and get people involved in neighbourhood actions. It’s movable, yet robust structure, allows the kiosk to be moved and parked in different parts of the site in order to engage people passing through the intersection and parking lot, and support programming that may be happening onsite.

Information Kiosk


Community Programming

The community programming space is comprised of two shipping containers that can be modified and designed to deliver programs, one-on-one supports and storage. In between the two containers, is a main stage space for performances, workshops and other activities. When this space isn’t in use for programming it can be transformed into an additional shaded seating area.




The games and recreation space offers a variety of life-size group games like Jenga and bowling, as well as offer space for tables and chairs for board games, dominoes and cards. This space will also have a fun and interactive photobooth designed and built by the Project BYLD after-school program.

parking lot2.png

Meet us at the Corner!



Seating at Corner Commons will be made up of both fixed and movable designs. The seating will be accessible and of various forms in order to accommodate a comfortable space for socializing and relaxing. A shaded seating structure will be constructed to offer seating options protected from weather, along with picnic tables with umbrellas and some plantings that can offer some shade as well. 



Planters will provide much needed greenery in the space. These planters will be filled with native and edible plants that can be harvested. It can also provide opportunities to host community workshops focused on nature and growing food.

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