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Sakaana Yasotharan

Sakaana Yasotharan is a photographer/DJ who has grown up and resides within the Jane and Finch area. Yasotharan has always had a love for the arts and has made it her mission to create art that inspires and motivates. From being featured on various platforms/publications, to performing at several events and spaces, to being a mentor and community leader, art has been always been a part of Yasotharan's life.

"Transition means, we move forward into the future while cherishing the past and the moments that have led us to where we are right now. This is more than just a couple of buildings with people who reside in it, this is our community. This has been and always will be our family."
Artists-In-Residence Sakaana.jpg

Sakaana Yasotharan is the 2020 Corner Commons Artist-in-Residence from September 7th to 21st. She will be exploring the theme of transition under a housing justice lens. With this project, Yasotharan aims to shed light on the raw beauty of the highly stigmatized area of the Driftwood community within Jane and Finch. Through capturing the faces, emotions, and sounds of the community that has been her home since childhood, she strives to change the perception and shatter the stigma that surrounds our community.

Stay connected with Sakaana through social media. You can also view images and video from Sakaana's onsite installation here:
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